Energy Efficient Energy efficiency: A well-designed skylight uses free, natural sunlight to reduce or eliminate daytime electric light usage and its associated costs. 

The superior illumination power of DayStar Daylights allows buildings to be lighted during daylight hours without electricity. Because our daylights also reduce air-cooling heat loads created by artificial lighting, energy costs for lighting and cooling can be cut by as much as 50 percent. The typical “payback” period is only 2 to 4 years.

Energy Conservation Energy Conservation: Using sunlight as a renewable energy source has a positive
impact on the environment. 

Buildings that rely on DayStar Daylights can help reduce global demand for fossil fuel energy and its harmful emissions. Potential tax credits may be an added incentive to incorporate natural lighting into new building construction or renovation.

Health Health: Sunlight promotes human health. 

Studies prove that sunlight has a positive influence on physical and emotional health. Bringing sunlight inside to schools, factories, hospitals, libraries, homes and other buildings where people live, work, learn and play makes sense.

Productivity Productivity and Morale: Worker attitude and morale improve when workplaces are
illuminated with natural light. Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism result. 

Bringing an abundance of sunlight into factories, warehouses, showrooms and other workplaces also helps employees to perform their jobs better in a safer environment. Fewer work-related insurance claims often occur.

Merchandise Merchandise Appeal: Full spectrum lighting is the purest method for accenting
product packaging and displays. 

Color distortion and glare often result from artificial lighting. DayStar’s full-spectrum light maximizes the range of product appeal and labeling with amazingly vivid illumination. Studies show that retail sales increase when natural lighting is used.

Building Value Building Value: Incorporating skylights can enhance a building’s overall value. 

Installing a DayStar Daylight System is a sensible investment. Daylight has an important role in architecture, and its presence or absence may influence the renting decisions of prestigious tenants. Clients immediately see the savings in energy costs as well.